Below are the list of children in North Carolina who died at the hands of their care givers in one year.

Aviajon - 2 months
Beverly - 4 months

Nathan - 10 years
Addison - 8 years
Tessara - 5 years
Samantha - 5 years
Sean - 4 years
John - 5 years
Misarahi - 9 years
Raynell - 1 month
Damien - 2 years
Kuvon - 1 month
Manuel - 1 year
Chloe - 1 month
Alexie - 2 years
Ryan - 10 years
Jamall - 1 year
Emmali - 3 years
Na Ziyah - 1 year
Skyler - 6 months
Dallas - 1 month
Kenneth - 1 month
Antonio - 1 month
Nathaniel - 8 months
William - 2 months

Maria - 6 years
Quakmon - 11 months
Jason - 2 years
Madison - 3 months
Kaderrick - 2 years
Aundrea - 3 months
Joshua - 2 months
Bryce - 1 month
Yareli - 1 year

Welcome to Stocks For Tots!

Stocks For Tots was created as a way to bring together stock car racing and its fans, while raising awareness of the child abuse problem in North Carolina. The idea was to collect toys and raise money during a festive, family-oriented holiday event.

            2015 Stocks-For-Tots

When: Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Where: NASCAR Technical Institute
What Time: 5:00-9:00 P.M.



The first fundraiser was held at the Mooresville Armory in December 1989. Since then, the annual event has raised over $850,000 and distributed nearly 50,000 Christmas toys to children in our area. Each year thousands of people visit Mooresville for our annual event, where they get to see many of their favorite NASCAR & NHRA drivers / celebrities, as well as their show cars on display and even a visit from Santa himself.


Net Proceeds will be donated to SCAN of Iredell County


Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children, supporting parents and improving the community. Since 1987 The Child & Parenting Centers of Iredell County have been working with families to create positive and effective parent-child relationships. We offer a variety of education and resource materials to parents through programs like our In-Home Parent Aide, Parenting Classes, Parent Support Group and Parent Resource Library.

We also have community education and intervention programs through informational sessions and training, as well as our At Risk Kids program for juveniles who have encountered the justice system, our ONE program that works with the youth who have recently been released from prison and our Family Connections program which works with parents and children providing a safe environment for supervised visitations.

For more information about SCAN please visit our website at